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It’s time to review the Kent Test

If you’re a parent in Kent, sooner or later you’ll have some uncomfortable questions to answer.

Like whether to spend upwards of £1,000 on tuition to increase the chances of your child passing the Kent Test.

Will your local school be good enough if your son or daughter doesn’t pass the test?

And why does your child, who you know better than anyone, have to be tested at age ten to determine whether they’re academic or not?

These are just some of the dilemmas faced by parents in Kent putting their children through the local system. Dilemmas that highlight the flaws in a system that has not been reviewed in more than 50 years. 

We think that review is needed now more than ever. This website explains some more of the reasons why, but also what you can do to help.

Why a review of the test is urgently needed

Because while KCC could address the growing problems around the Kent Test… giving parents a say over their child’s education, and reassurance when their child is sent to an under-performing school…

…KCC plan to expand the grammar system instead, with a new annex in Sevenoaks that will cost around twenty million pounds, and then two more expensive selective schools the majority of local children can’t use.

Before this happens, Kent parents should have their say.

Who should sign the petition?

We hope as many people sign the petition as possible, without the need to agree on one specific course of action.

You should sign the petition if you have concerns about the Kent Test, and whether it’s the most effective way to educate children.

You should also sign if you support grammar schools, but worry about the effect they have on neighbouring non-selective schools.

And you should also sign if you think several decades is too long for any education system to go unchecked.

The questions a review would answer

Once you start looking, it’s not difficult to spot problems with the current system – and why it’s in the interests of parents to know more before their children sit the Kent Test.

For instance:

  • Why is it that Kent’s secondary schools are underperforming compared to schools in non-selective areas around the UK?
  • Why is it that KCC feels that 75% of local children are “not academic” at just ten years of age?
  • Why is it that KCC want just 25 per cent of children go to grammar schools, while some 50 per cent of school leavers go on to university?
  • Why is it that KCC are unable to provide any proof that the test is accurate, necessary, or wanted by parents across Kent?
  • Why is it that KCC has not considered various other forms of education which would still enable academic children to thrive?
  • And why is it given that 11-plus test tuition is commonplace, is KCC not concerned about whether their test can be fair, or about the financial pressure and stress placed on parents and children?

These questions are fundamental to the system itself, but more importantly to the outcomes we want for our children.

But to get these questions answered, we need the support of people like you.

Sign the petition

We need as many people as possible from across Kent to support calls for a first review of the grammar system in over 50 years.

That’s why we’ve taken the first step of creating a petition with three key aims.

It calls on Kent County Council to: 

  1. Carry out a review of Kent’s selective school system, re-examining the percentage figure of children selected, the impact of test tuition on families, and the fairness and accuracy of the selection process itself.
  2. Get the views of people across the county about the Kent Test and the selective school system.
  3. Halt spending on grammar school expansion until the Kent Test is declared fit for purpose, and clearly supported by Kent residents. 

If you think that a review of the Kent test is long overdue, and want to help, please consider signing the petition.

You can find it HERE.

It takes less than a minute to sign. You’ll be asked to register with KCC, giving an email and home address, but none of these details will be seen publicly.

You can also find out more about the Kent Test, and the problems it causes, by reading some of the other pages on this website.

Help get a review of the Kent Test

The deadline for the petition is 16th February 2010 but please sign the petition as soon as you can. And please consider sharing it with people you know who may be interested in a review of the Kent Test.

By getting answers to these and other questions we might get closer to finding solutions to these problems.

We might also better ensure every child in Kent gets the best possible education.