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About Us

We’re a small group of Kent parents with a wide range of views on Kent’s selective school system.

We include an education campaigner, a former grammar school teacher, a parent with children attending a grammar school, and a former Conservative councillor.

Despite our different views on whether Kent children benefit from its selective schools, we share the belief that the Kent Test needs a thorough review.

Kent’s 11-plus has zero public scrutiny, and this doesn’t seem likely to change.

The Kent 11-plus has clear and obvious problems, and we do not think it right that it should continue for decades without any checks and changes. Our council should not assume that the system works, nor that the people of Kent like this school system without giving people chance to have a say.

Discussions about the Kent Test are too often stifled by issues of where we went to school ourselves, or where we send our children to school. It can also be blurred by politics which prevent any useful discussion.

We think a professionally organised, expert review will better equip the people of Kent to make up their own minds on this hugely important issue.

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